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bangabasi college Provisional Merit List for admission in Zoology (M.Sc.) 2013
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MSC Entrance Counseling, 2013
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Bangabasi College is “NAAC ACCREDITED” and is more than 125 years old.
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“The time is come when education has to be saved from the invasion of official and red-tape control on the one hand and the incursion of the turbid whirpool of party politics on the other. I have always through my long life strenuously fought for the Principle of the Independence of Education - the Principle of Education is an end in itself and not a mere means to an end, however high it be."
---Acharya Girish Chandra Bose
1st Year Class 2014-2015

It is notified for all concerned that the 1st year B.A, B.Sc and B.Com classes will be held on 28/07/2014 and 30/07/2014. Students are advised to check the College Website ( or College Notice Board regularly for subsequent dates when the classes will be held.

Merit list 2014-2015

Merit list will be published on 26th June, 2014 at 2:00 pm.

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