Bangabasi College

Bangabasi College

Affiliated to the University of Calcutta
Reaccredited by NAAC (2nd Cycle)

Internal Quality Assurence Cell (IQAC)

Bangabasi College was accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council for the first time in 2007. Since then, in the absence of IQAC, the 'Academic sub-committee', in conjunction with the 'Teachers' Council' chalked out the policies and plans for the development of the college.

IQAC was first formed in 2013 as per GB resolution,dated 26.04.2013. As the 1st Co-ordinator of IQAC, Dr.Utpal Chatterjee carried out his responsibilities effectively up to 31st October, 2015.

In the Governing Body meeting held on 05/10/2015, IQAC was re-constituted. Dr.Rupa Mukhopadhyay (Bose) was given the charge of Co-ordinator of IQAC, with effect from 1st November, 2015. Since then Dr Mukhopadhyay has successfully steered IQAC till date.

The institute proclaims a Quality Policy and encourages the IQAC with full power and authority in institutionalising the quality assurance processes. The Governing Body empowers the IQAC to initiate and sustain all quality assurance initiatives with appropriate ratification of all such quality assurance processes.


Strategies of IQAC:

  • Planning and preparation of proposals to implement the Recommendations of the NAAC Peer Team during the Cycle 1 Visit for Assessment and Accreditation in 2007.
  • Preparing the Annual Quality Assurance Reports for amassing and documenting the quality assurance initiatives taken during the last few years.
  • Preparing the Reaccreditation Report for onward submission to NAAC and sustaining the quality assurance initiatives.

Functions of IQAC:

Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the College has developed several quality assurance mechanisms within the existing academic and administrative system. These are as follows :

  • From the beginning, the main objective of the Cell is to plan and implement quality initiatives and evaluate. It follows its own calendar for meetings, quality agenda and maintains its proceedings.
  • Placed Plans and proposals for implementation of the recommendations of the first NAAC Peer Team visit in 2007 and also the upcoming ones.
  • It circulates its plan and takes steps for implementation.
  • It supports to conduct workshops, awareness programmes, special lectures on quality innovations, curricula, Teaching-Learning & Evaluation, Research oriented seminars etc.
  • It analyses the feedback received from Students, Teachers and other stakeholders.
  • It coordinates with all stakeholders for their opinions and advices for quality sustenance and quality improvement.
  • It actively co-ordinates the dissemination of information on various quality parameters of higher education.
  • It plans and supports effective implementation for Total Quality management, Curricula development, Teaching-Learning and evaluation, Research, Consultancy and Extension activities for all stakeholders.
  • It regularly prepares the Reports for AISHE since 2008.
  • It organises and prepares data for all peer team visit since its formation (State Government in 2008 & 2013 and University for CPE in 2008).
  • It organizes the documentation of the various programmes/activities leading to quality improvement.
  • It collects, maintains and analyses documents and documentary evidences directly or through the College Office. It has prepared the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) and has submited it to NAAC for last nine years.
  • It analyses the feedback received from all stakeholders and inform the authority about its outcome for correction and amelioration.
  • It is working continuously for Development of Quality Culture in the institution.

The decisions of the IQAC that have been approved by the management and implemented in the recent years :

  • Extension, renovation and modernisation of all science laboratories, with new sophisticated instruments, chemicals, specimens and others necessary equipments.
  • Renovation of Common Rooms (Boys and Girls), Students' toilets both for male and female (in each floor of the college building).
  • Renovation of College canteen.
  • A well-equipped Gymnasium (with well-trained Instructor) is established for the benefit of the students.
  • College Auditorium has been thoroughly renovated with modern equipments and lighting facilities.
  • Renovation of college playground situated at prime location, just opposite to Eden Garden (with proper tent facility).
  • Installation of water purifier machine to provide safe drinking water and provision of cold drinking water facilities.
  • Installation of two large generator sets to ensure uninterrupted power supply.
  • ‘Facility of CCTV cameras’ has been provided for better supervision and efficient management of the college.
  • Optimisation and integration of modern methods of teaching and learning in all departments.
  • Each and every department is provided with computer facilities (Laptop/Desktop) and also with internet facility for improving their teaching and learning skill.
  • Various departments and ‘ library’ have been provided with LCD Projectors.
  • Department of Zoology (with both UG and PG courses) has the facility of a smart classroom and another smart classroom for all departments has been come up recently.
  • Department of Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Zoology and Commerce have the facility of their own ICT based laboratories.
  • The Principal’s office and the office of the college have been thoroughly renovated and customize software and LAN installation have provided for better co-ordination.
  • Transparent and Technology enabled Admission Procedure has been introduced.
  • Non-teaching staffs are provided with the computer training course by WEBEL for the use of modern software for payment of salary and admission of students, registration of students etc.
  • Library Automation. Procurement of latest books, professional journals, daily newspapers and e-books and e-journals have been provided with.
  • Computer training for the necessity of empowering/re-empowering of the teachers and enabling them to make use of hardware, software and web applications and be a task enabler.
  • For promotion of research and publication by faculties, the College has created a seed-money of Rs. 5,00,000(five lakhs) per annum as Research Grant for the faculties of the college. College has already sanctioned a maximum one-time grant of Rs. 25,000/- to each desirous faculty members (12 faculties) to facilitate the initiation of cutting -edge research.
  • College has also created a fund of Rs.1,00,00 per annum, that may be sanctioned for attending seminars within India by the teachers of the College. Three faculties have already been sanctioned the Rs. 10,000 for each for attending seminar.
  • IQAC provides the teachers with appropriate software and web applications in the form of the following
    1. Teaching Aid software
    2. Students Profile mapping software
    3. Online exam web applications
  • Students are provided with several online supports, like
    1. SMS Gateway for faster communication
    2. Feedback on curriculum and Institutional provisions
    3. Training and practice for competitive examination
    4. MCQ assessment on subject related examinations
  • To cater the needs of the students there are, G.B. approved Womens' Cell, Anti-ragging Cell, Equal Opportunity Cell, Grievance Redressal Cells.
  • The Governing Body in 2015 has included an external quality assurance member, having expertise in making the IQAC more functional Placement Cell and Counselling Cell.
  • The IQAC coordinator plays an important role in communicating and engaging staff in the quality assurance activities of the institution.


Members Name Designation
Chairperson Dr. Subrata Sankar Bagchi Principal, Bangabasi College
Coordinator Dr. Rupa Mukhopadhyay (Bose) Associate Professor in Zoology, Bangabasi College
Management Expert
Prof. Siba Prasad Das Associate Professor in Commerce, Bangabasi College
Teacher Member Dr. Tarun Kumar Sarma Associate Professor in Botany, Bangabasi College
Teacher Member Dr. Aryya Mitra Associate Professor in Zoology, Bangabasi College
Teacher Member Dr. Sk. Raju Ali Associate Professor in Commerce, Bangabasi College
Teacher Member Dr. Sujay Pattanayak Associate Professor in Chemistry, Bangabasi College
Teacher Member Dr. Partha Ghosh Associate Professor in Physics, Bangabasi College
Teacher Member Sri Sujit Chatterjee Librarian, Bangabasi College
Teacher Member Prof. Pushpita Sarkar Associate Professor in Political Science, Bangabasi College
Student Member Suprity Nandy General secretary, Student Union
Nominee from Employers/Industrialists/Stakeholders Dr. Amulya Kr. Samanta Retd. Professor, Bangabasi Evening College
Administrative Officer
Dr. Ashis Ghosh ADPI (Additional Director of Public Instructor), Bikash Bhavan
Nominee from Alumni Association Dr. Gopal Chandra Mondal Associate Professor in Anthropology, Bangabasi College
Nominee from Alumni Association Dr. Bholanath Mullick Retired Professor of Chemistry , Bangabasi College

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