Bangabasi College

Bangabasi College

Affiliated to the University of Calcutta
Reaccredited by NAAC (2nd Cycle)

Code of Conduct

Each Student is provided with an Identity Card with his/her Photograph, attested by the Principal of the College. This is an important document and should be carefully preserved. Students must come to the college with their college identity card which they should produce on demand. In case of loss, a student shall have to lodge an F.I.R. with the Local Police Station and apply to the Principal with the F.I.R. number for reissue of duplicate card on payment of Rs. 30 only.

Every student must see the College Notice Board every day to keep himself/herself properly informed through various notices issued by the college from time to time. Ignorance of any fact circulated through any notice for reasons of non-perusal on the part of any student, for whatever grounds, shall not entitle him to any special treatment.

Misbehaviour with teachers and staff is a serious offence and may lead to the expulsion of the offender.

Any discourtesy towards girl students shall be severely punished; it may even lead to expulsion from the college.

Outsiders are not permitted within the college premises and students must not bring outsiders to the college for any reason.

Shouting inside the college is not permitted. Use of mobile phones are strictly prohibited within the college premises.

Loitering in the corridor, disturbing classes, copying in examinations etc. are treated as misconduct and breach of discipline and warrant punitive action.

Students are to maintain discipline inside and outside the college. Smoking, spitting of 'pan masala' in the College Verandahs, Common Rooms, Lawns and Class Rooms is strictly prohibited.


Names of students, absent from the college for a period of over 30 days without any written intimation are liable to be struck off the rolls.

It is compulsory for all students to appear for all college tests and examinations and score the requisite pass marks, along with necessary class attendance, in order to be promoted to the next higher class.

A candidate shall be considered as collegiate if he/she has attended 75% or above lectures delivered / practical classes held in each of the subjects / group of subjects and as non-collegiate if attendance in any subject / group of subjects falls short of 75% but not below 60%. Candidates declared non-collegiate may be allowed to fill in application forms for examination on payment of requisite non-collegiate fees. A candidate who has not attended at-least 60% of lectures delivered / practical classes held in any subject / group of subjects shall be considered as discollegiate and shall be debarred from appearing in the C.U. Final Examination.

Fees, Registration, Concessions

Fee-Receipts are issued against payment of fees and charges. At the time of admission, students are supplied with an Acknowledgement Card on which payments are acknowledged by the Receiving-Clerk. Both the Acknowledgement Card and Fee receipts are to be preserved carefully as these could be necessary for making any subsequent payment of fees and also for exercising the right to vote in the Students' Union Election.

Students are required to pay their monthly tuition fees on or before the last day of the month. Failure to pay their fees within the month will make them liable to pay a delay fine of Rs.1/- only for every month of default.

For concession in tuition fees, applications are invited from poor and meritorious students in prescribed forms available from the college office. Applicants are required to appear before an interview board for availing such concession. As per records of residence of Parents / Gurdians in the college, admission forms, bonafide students, other than employed ones, may apply for railway concession certificates for monthly / quarterly railway tickets and also for going home during puja vacations and summer recesses.

Normally at the time of admission, every student must submit an application for registration to the University of Calcutta. However, provisional admission may be allowed without application for registration. However, the onus of getting their names registered with the University shall lie on them and the College will not allow such students to submit fees and forms for the Final Examination without Registration Certificates. Application Forms for registration together with requisite fees and documents in respect of the students admitted to the B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Com. courses have to be forwarded to the University within 31st August of every calender year. Students must go through the Notice Board in this regard.


The medium of instruction is English and Bengali or both.

Change of Subjects / Course may be allowed as per rules of the University within one month of the date of commencement of the concerned class.

All applications of the students addressed to the Principal must come through the Head Clerk of the College Office.

The Departments of Zoology, Botany, Anthropology and Geography organise compulsory excursions / field-tours as a part of the curriculum. The tour involves expenses on the part of the students. He/She should be prepared to bear these expenses. The college shall abide by the pattern for holidays and recess as may be determined by the University from time to time. During the recess, classes shall remain suspended. The academic session of the. college begins from the 1st day of July of every year and ends on the 30th June of the following year.

Election of class representatives to the general committee of the students union is usually held in the month of December. Four representatives are elected from each class / section and no defaulting student (a student who has not paid his/her college dues upto September of the respective year) is eligible to participate in the election.