Bangabasi College

Bangabasi College

Affiliated to the University of Calcutta
Reaccredited by NAAC (2nd Cycle)

Science Clubs


1) All the Lab based Science Departments, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Botany, Zoology, Anthropology, Psychology & Geography constitute the Science Club.

2) One/Two teachers from each department would be nominated as associate members in the Club’s working Committee, to look into the day to day affairs. Students of each departments are members.

3) All departmental programs other than externally funded seminars/conferences/workshops etc. would be organized in the banner of Science Club. These may include small popular lectures, film shows, student lectures, visits to laboratories, museums etc. not strictly a part of the university curriculum.

4) It would be a part of the duty of the Science Club to contribute to popularizing science amongst school students by arranging their visits to the College Laboratories and addressing them with lectures.

5) The Science Club would actively take part in the Student’s Fair organized by the College.

6) Associate Members of each department, with help from their students, must identify a proper place in their respective laboratories and put up some special/unique exhibits, which should be visible easily.

7) Arranging Science Awareness Lectures by Faculty Members or External Experts would be a part of activity of the Science Club.

8) The Science Club, in association with the Placement Cell of the College, would arrange workshops for developing entrepreneurship skills targeting mainly General Course Students of Final Year. Each Department should be assigned some topics (not as per curriculum) on which student’s should be trained (for some three 3-period long practical classes) and given out working manuals and a certificate. Some of them are as follows:

  • Department of Physics: Basic Electronics Training
  • Department of Chemistry: Small Scale Chemical Industry Training
  • Department of Mathematics: Data Analysis (through Graphical Package) Training
  • Department of Computer Science: DTP Training
  • Department of Botany: Ornamental / Medicinal/ Mushroom cultivation training
  • Department of Zoology: Poultry Farming Training
  • Department of Anthropology: Blood Group Determination
  • Department of Psychology: Meditation & Lifestyle training
  • Department of Geography: GPS / GIS training
  • Associate Members of departments may add more training topics as per their choices
  • 9) Associate Members must duly inform the College Authority about the Activity that they plan to organize, so that the announcement immediately appears in the College Website. Afterwards, pictures needs to be submitted so as to be uploaded therein.

    10) All the Associate Members are expected to maintain a file in their respective Departments in order to preserve records, pictures etc. about the Club Activities.