Bangabasi College

Bangabasi College

Affiliated to the University of Calcutta
Reaccredited by NAAC (2nd Cycle)

Mission, Vision & Objectives


PRANIPATENA (reverence) - PARIPRASHNENA (search for truth) - SEVAYA (Service to Humanity)

Our Mission:

Expansion of scientific education with a unique blend of innovative ideas & excellence along with value oriented curriculum.

Our Vision :

To strive far from mediocrity with uplift of socially and economically backward students and providing them wings to fly high..

Our Objectives :

  • To impart higher education to the eligible youths, making them capable towards either vertical (higher education) or horizontal (employment) movements..
  • In recognition of the necessity of revision, to adopt an Add on Vision -Towards ICT Empowerment.

Our means to communicate:

We make our mission, vision & objectives known to the students, guardians and other stakeholders by way of

  1. College Prospectus
  2. College Website
  3. Orientation Assembly
  4. Various meetings of Faculty, Staff, Students, Guardians & Alumni.
  5. Class representatives of the Students' Union.