Bangabasi College

Bangabasi College

Affiliated to the University of Calcutta
Applied for NAAC Re-Accreditation, 2017 (2nd Cycle)


1. Physics Laboratory: The Department of Physics, in the ground floor of the College, boasts of a recently overhauled and renovated, fully equipped, Wi-Fi and ICT enabled Laboratory with modern equipment and apparatus, catering to both Honours & General Course students. Every time during the College hours, the laboratory is full of enthusiastic groups of students, working on the different experimental set-ups/apparatus to increase their practical skills and also to verify the different laws/principles of Physics which they encounter in their textbooks. They are always under the supervision of the faculty and are helped by the Laboratory staff. Maintaining the log books, regular recording of data and getting the practical notebooks signed is mandatory. Updated Laboratory Manuals are there in order to help students to maintain their Lab-Records. Students are provided with individual Electronics Kits for practice, one for each group. To keep up with the enthusiasm of learning Physics, different portions of the Physics Laboratory have nomenclatures in rhythm with different physical constants like ‘G’ (Universal Gravitational Constant), ‘π’ (pi), ‘kB’ (Boltzmann Constant), ‘c’ (velocity of light), ‘α’ (fine structure constant) ’ (reduced Planck’s constant), ‘e-’ (electronic charge), ‘Byte’ etc. Along with classical apparatus, advanced measuring equipment like balances, spectrometers, galvanometers, travelling microscopes, analog and digital meters like CRO and energy sources as high tension discharge tubes, function generators etc., the Physics Laboratory houses a number of dual boot (Linux & Windows) desktop/laptop computers connected via LAN to a common server.

2. Chemistry Laboratory: Teaching of Chemistry is undoubtedly incomplete without practical classes, and the Chemistry department in the ground floor of the College is proud to maintain well equipped laboratories for the students. To address the needs of each specialization, the first floor of the College houses one laboratory for Physical Chemistry. Labs for Inorganic and Organic Chemistry is located on the ground floor itself. Separate laboratories are housed in the ground floor for students of other streams who take up chemistry as a subsidiary subject. A dedicated store room in the first floor caters to the needs of all the running chemistry labs.

3. Mathematics Laboratory:

4. Computer Science Laboratory: The laboratory of the Department of Computer Science comprises of a fully air-conditioned internet enabled software lab which houses fourteen desktops connected through LAN. The PCs are set up to allow dual-boot Windows and Linux. They are always kept updated with the latest software to cater to the needs of the students. The Department also has a state-of-art hardware electronics laboratory. It focusses on training the students in both analog and digital design. The laboratory set-up also supports taking practical classes with microprocessor training kits.

5. Geography Laboratory:

6. Psychology Laboratory:

7. Anthropology Laboratory:

8. Botany Laboratory:

9. Zoology Laboratory: The post-graduate department of Zoology has a DST-FIST sponsored sophisticated laboratory with high resolution optical microscope, PCR thermocycler, UV Transluminator, Western Blot apparatus, Spectrophotometer etc.

10. Commerce IT Laboratory: